Friday, February 12, 2010

Who is the Happy Runner?

Hello my name is Kate and here is a little bit of what I am all about...

Me and my boyfriend after a 5k in the summer of 2006

Me and my parents after my first half marathon in Prince Edward County in the fall of 2007
Having fun with the ones I love:

Me and my boyfriend in London, England in the summer of 2009. Do you see the Globe Theater in the background? It is past my left shoulder. I was so happy to be there, I have a degree in English Literature and I love Shakespeare.

Me and my boyfriend in the fall of 2008 (yes that is a football jersey, he love the New York Giants and I love the Indianapolis Colts - we love the Manning brothers!)

Spreading a positive message:

I was quoted in the January 2010 issue of Fitness Magazine (I know it's a little fuzzy, sorry).

There is a little bit of what I am about! I look forward to sharing my running thoughts with all of you. I also plan on posting my favourite recipes, motivational music that I love running to, and lots of pictures!

Happy Running!


chasing lightning bugs said...

well hello you fabulous blogger. what a great page you have started full of your fabulous bright energy. i was going to be lazy and NOT take the dog for a much needed walk. but now i'm going. because you are my inspiration!!!!

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