Monday, February 22, 2010

Live Your Life

Good Morning!

What a beautiful day! I must say that I am getting very excited about the fact that the sun is getting up slightly before 7am, I'm just waiting for the day when the sun is up at 5:30am. OK I swear I'm not weird, this has just been something I look forward to ever since I started getting up early. I look forward to going for a run at 6:30am (or earlier) and watch the sun rise, OR have it already be up.

Speaking of exercise, I am prescribing me some strength training. Since I came up with this idea this morning I haven't put tons of thought into it yet, I am looking at Caitlin and Jaime's Intro to Iron Pumping Challenge from The Fitnessista. I also have a lot of old plans that I put together with a trainer years back when I needed to work with one (oh there was a time!). So that is something that I will be working on today! Not to mention all the homework I want to get done today because I don't want to have to do it later, HA!

I am headed to school but in my absence check out the Lululemon Blog called A Few of My Favourite Run Things! It is so funny how my favourite running clothes are the same ones that she talks about!

What is coming up on here? How about a getting to know you session?! I will fill you all in on a little more of who I am.

Until then here's a Lululemon picture and quote that I have loved forever. [Source]

Happy Running!


chasing lightning bugs said...

you are awesome. i was up at 5.oo this am and thinking of you up and running. i can't wait until the sun is blinding me at 6 am.

Kate said...

I was up early this morning too and cursing the snow! I want to run outside again!

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