Thursday, February 18, 2010

Size Healthy

Have you ever been discouraged when you are shopping for clothes, have you ever focused on the number that is on the tag? Have you ever been so discouraged that you left the store because a pair of jeans didn't fit the way you expected them to? 

Enter "Size Healthy"! Are you unsure of what size that is? It is the size that you are, and you are healthy! You are healthy and happy and a number should not rule your life. 

Thanks to Angela over at Oh She Glows I am now labeling all of my clothes “Size Healthy”. I love the way Angela put it,

“I never liked the number on clothing. It is so inconsistent and it varies so much by the store. I could walk into a clothing store and leave upset because I wasn’t the size I thought I should be. Some stores have vanity sizing and in some stores the clothing runs really small. You just can’t win!”

When I was focusing on size (because there was a time when I really cared about it, I cannot tell a lie) I would go to stores focused on getting the same size as the last and I found that sizes were never the same. At some stores you can be one size in one pair of pants and then have to go down for another, and then have to go up for another. Oh my!

When you really focus on those numbers shopping for clothes is no longer fun. Now that I am a “Size Healthy” I am happy and don’t find myself sweating over the numbers. As long as my clothes fit and I am healthy then I am happy!

Here is what I have been doing...

It feels so good to write this on my clothes because I know I am healthy and happy. It no longer has anything to do with what size the tag says.

I like to focus on how I feel rather than a number, it's as simple as that. 

Go and visit Angela at Oh She Glows to see what she has to say about "Size Healthy"! I love reading Angela's blog, she always has interesting topics!

Happy Running!


chasing lightning bugs said...

what a nice way for me to start my morning. thanks kate!!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this!! I feel like too often people end up focusing on a size...and even define themselves by that number. It should be about dressing your body with beautiful clothes, not defining it with what size you fit into!!

Oh She Glows said...

I love this post (and your blog in general). Thank you so much for participating! You have such a bright light about you. xo

Kate said...

Awe thanks guys!! Happy comments make me smile all day long!!

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