Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Brother!

Today is my little brother's 23rd birthday!! By little I mean he is much taller than me and people always ask about my older brother. 

I thought I would share some pictures with you! They are kind of all over the place because my Dad keeps all his pictures on his computer and doesn't share...either way here is what I managed to get!

Me and Chris in 1989 after we moved from Toronto and our house, in Kingston, wasn't done being built so we lived in a cottage near the city. 

Chris in 1995 in Florida. He never got to live there, I did back in 1984-1986, but we still went back to visit. Look at those cool shades! 

Let's jump ahead to 2007 when we took him out to BC to go to school. The rest of the pictures are from that trip. See I wasn't kidding when I said I had limited pictures of us (that are available on my computer that is).

Very deep in thought! I think this is a classic pose for us. Ever since he had his high school graduation pictures taken and they told him to look deep in thought and he did that. HA!

More than anything the mountains are beautiful! I am jealous that he gets to see that everyday when he is in school.

To follow up on yesterday's post and my need for a strength training plan. Well I put it together yesterday and then did it, it felt so good to do weights again! I will also be posting more about me later on! 

Happy Birthday "little" brother!! And to all of you...

Happy Running!


Michelle said...

Awe it's cute you have a post for your brother! I have a younger brother too but he's never made it into my blog! Sounds like you are very close.

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